Guest Realty

Guest Realty is an all-in-one solution for Sydney luxury rentals. They find bespoke, creative solutions for all their customers so they get the exact experience they’re looking for – whether it’s maximising returns on an investment property or enjoying a short, luxurious stay in the centre of Sydney.

Campaign Objective:
  • A brand refresh that brings Guest Management into the future of the company and attracting new potential clients.
  1. A fresh brand that is reflective of the future direction
  2. A streamlined and optimised website
  3. A social strategy that will build the brand’s authority and reach potential clients.
Campaign Brief:

1. Digital Refresh

  • Brand manual including system of logos, typography and colour usage, brand assets, business card template (up to 3), email signature template (up to 3), exported logo vectors (print, web and vector)
  • Website on Jimdo including streamlined website flow, copywriting, design and website development. Conversion and SEO-optimised.
  • Social Strategy playbook including definition of social proposition, platform strategy, content pillars, growth tactics.

2. Ongoing Social Content Management

  • Implementation of the social strategy with setup of fresh pages
  • Monthly content creation across social platforms (approx. 15 posts/month/platform)
  • Community management and organic growth tactics
  • SEO-optimised blog posts (if needed)
  • Monthly reporting and optimisation


We completed a digital brand refresh for Guest Realty that reflected the new direction to target the luxury property market. The website was conversion-optimised to help their

audiences easily navigate the services and discover what Guest Realty had to offer.

Website traffic: 215 link clicks through paid media

Website visitors: 241 UMVs


We built a digital presence across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to support the new brand, reach new audiences and establish authority as a Sydney, luxury property management agency.

Paid media across Facebook and Instagram gave us a particular boost in brand awareness, with a fantastic brand recall amount of 11.5% and 409,207 impressions.



Best Performing Post

  • 2,434 impressions
  • 338 engagements
  • $0.04 CPE

Best Performing Ad

  • 7,357 impressions
  • 0.1% clickthrough rate
  • 15.24% recall rate


Best Paid Performance

  • 3,219 impressions
  • 433 engagements
  • 12.9 % eng. rate

Best Organic Performance

  • 801 impressions
  • 44 engagements
  • 5.5% eng. rate


Best Engagement Rate

  • 108 impressions
  • 33.33% clickthrough rate
  • 38.89% eng. rate

Most Clicks (55)

  • 285 impressions
  • 19.3% engagements
  • 20.35% eng. rate