The Social Story is a purpose-driven social media agency with a mission to help you use social media for good.

Put the ‘social’ back in your social media.


Forget the vanity metrics and hacks.

We create content based on conscious and responsible storytelling and foster communities based on genuine connection that your audience will love.


Share your impact with us.

Strategy & Consultation

What are you trying to say? We help you define your social story – matching your business objectives with what the audience want to hear to help you deliver your message in the most effective way. 

Social Media Management

Create social media content that builds authentic, deep connection with your audiences. We produce content that inspires, informs and is inclusive.

Paid Media

Need an extra boost to spike your social engagement? We manage paid media campaigns with varying sophistication to match your budget.


Got more to say? We write and edit long-form content to help you tell your story further through blog articles, website copy and more.

Community Management

Grow and nurture your community with us. We build communities based on genuine connections, empathy and kindness.


We work with businesses striving to create positive impact.

Social enterprises, community organisations or businesses that just don’t want to do the same old thing anymore – we’ve helped them move the world forward with what they’re doing.

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We strive to make social media a better, kinder place.

01 Social Media For Good

We use social media to bloom more positivity through the communities we build and the content we produce.

02 Conscious Storytelling

We tell stories that are inclusive, positive, and enlightening. All our content are responsibly fact-checked, credited and authentic.

03 Inspiring Change

We strive to drive positive social impact with all we do. We’re always thinking about what we can be doing to improve diversity, sustainability and positivity in our work.

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Tiff Ng is a social media expert with 8+ years of experience and a passion for social impact.

The Social Story is the manifestation of her experience in social and passion for making the world a better place. 

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Our Testimonials

Marjolaine Savoie

Founder, Morning Marjolaine

“I have been working with Tiff for over 18 months and I couldn’t recommend her more. She is extremely professional and reliable and working with her is an easy process.“

Ashlee Read

Former Marketing Manager, Roadshow Films

“Tiff continuously blew the team away with her approach to everything from social media strategy to campaign and community management. She was able to find the right voice for each project with ease and was able to balance working with multiple teams across multiple projects across multiple channels.“

Tarek Kholoussy

Founder, Nomads Giving Back!

“Tiff created tremendous value through leading our marketing strategy at Nomads Giving Back! Not only does she possess a sophisticated understanding of how to a design an optimal strategy, develop customized processes and implement best practices, Tiff’s true passion for advocacy is coupled with her clear devotion to inspire people and organizations all around the world to use their voice for social change. Simply put, Tiff’s got that rare combo of always delivering and genuinely caring.”

Cristina Forlani

Global Operations Manager, We Are Social

“Tiff can always be counted on to get sh*t done, no matter how big or small the task is. She can easily move between getting hands-on with tasks of research and community management to bigger-picture thinking to help define strategy and cross-platform distribution.”


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Read stories about social media, social impact and remote work.

Get various tips from how to manage your community better to managing your social media use to be more mindful on our blog.

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