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The Social Story is reimagining how social media agencies are run, putting impact into every part of how we operate. When you work with us, you not only that your impact is being shared but is being multiplied through our commitments.

What We Stand For


We strive to use social media for good, by cultivating positive communities and practising conscious and responsible storytelling for our content creation.


We create content & communities that are inclusive. We strive to shine light and amplify voices of diverse communities across borders. We are committed to building a diverse team.


We support organisations that work towards our humanity’s greater good. As an organisation, we give back to our community through volunteering, donations and mentoring.


We are champions of female leadership. As a female-run business and maintaining gender balance in our team, we proudly advocate for female participation in leadership and advertising.


We aim to work with companies putting sustainability as their forefront. We also strive to educate our audience on several environmental justice & issues.


We want to ensure the equal experience for people of all abilities. We are working with Avenue Coworking to provide work opportunities and constantly improve our content.

Our Commitments




We work with purpose-driven brands that want to create a positive impact. We’ll help you enhance your commitments to diversity, sustainability and positivity. And we’ll make sure that shines through in the stories you tell on social. 




We’re a globally distributed team, committed to bringing in diverse talent and specialists to make our work the best it can be. We are committed to empowering them to work with impact and passion.




We want to put our money where our mouth is. We find and share the business tools that share our values and can help us grow our impact further.

Social Traders Certified Social Enterprise Logo
We are a Social Traders Certified Social Enterprise

The Social Story firmly puts purpose and impact over profit in our business. Our social purpose is to amplify the positive impact that social enterprises create through social media strategy and management services that highlights their work. We drive maximum impact through considered content creation, strategic consultation and community management that meet their business and impact goals.

Find out more about Social Traders here.

We are a SEWF Verified

We have been certified by the Social Enterprise World Forum to be a genuine social enterprise based on the criteria used by SEWF:

  • Purpose: Your enterprise exists to solve a social and/or environmental problem.
  • Operations: Your enterprise prioritises purpose, people and planet over profit in operational
  • decisions.
  • Revenue: Your enterprise has a self-sustaining revenue model or is working towards one.
  • Use of Surplus: Your enterprise reinvests the majority of surplus towards its purpose.
  • Structure: Your enterprise has chosen legal structures and financing that protect and lock-in purpose long term.

To find out more about SEWF and their verification, click here.

Paying it Forward

As a member of Buy 1 Give 1, our business actions directly impact global causes. Whether that’s when a new client signs up with The Social Story or we present a workshop, we are providing global impacts aligned with the UN Global Goals.


We are proud to be a member of Pride By Side, a network of global partners, experts, and allies communities striving for a world that is safe, just, and equitable for LGBTIQ+ people.

We provide knowledge, networks, tools, or work directly one-one-one with initiatives in need.


We are a member of the Social Enterprise Council of NSW and ACT (SECNA). SECNA is a sector-led peak body that exists to:

  • Engage and connect the social enterprise sector in NSW and ACT
  • Secure investment and policy change for the sector
  • Be an organisation that can sustain and grow our impact

We are a friend of the Fair Trade Association of Australia.

Friends of Fair Trade are a community of people who understand the importance of Fair Trade and how it links our everyday consumer decisions to the lives of artisans, workers and farmers in developing countries. Grow your social justice knowledge of Fair Trade, participate in campaigns or just support local business members by buying their products.


As creatives, we understand the importance of our own responsibility over the messages that we put out each day. We've pledged with Clean Creatives and CommsDeclare that we will not support any activities, organisations or individuals that promote the growth of fossil fuels. and continue our commitment to a sustainable future.


Being a business for good means looking at every part of our business for how we can maximising the good. That means choosing suppliers - like our bank and our data provider - that are also committed to positive change.

We've chosen Bank Australia who believe in a fair and just society with responsible banking services. Internet powers what we do so that we can remain a nimble and remote company. Felix Mobile offers sustainable mobile plans that align with what we do. For those in Australia, use the code TN00004 and you’ll get $5 credit when you sign up. We're even using Ecosia and Tab For A Cause so that our every day browsing online is contributing positively to the world.


Social Impact Blog

Read our posts related to social impact and the work we’ve done to cultivate more kindness online.




Tiff is available for workshops, interviews and guest blogs. Want to bring her story to your audience? Get in touch.

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