And how to find the right one for you.

Key Takeaways:

– Using social media for your business takes time and dedication
– Hiring social media help is an investment in the growth of your business
– Finding the right type of help for your needs and budget can help take it off your hands


It’s hard to deny the core importance of social media to the success of any business. Whether it’s a new cafe trying to generate awareness or a big brand that wants to stay top of mind or change their perception with a new audience, many businesses cannot survive without social media. With many tools widely accessible online and for free, businesses of all sizes are able to get started quickly and cheaply. 


But you might be asking yourself, where do I even get started? The thing is there is no magic formula to nailing your social media, getting a million followers or making a post go viral. The platforms and the audience changes too much for just one easy way to the top. So if you’re thinking of just running through a 30-minute crash-course on what the hell is social or have been trying to do it yourself but not getting anything to land, maybe it’s time to call up your friendly, neighbourhood social media professional. And this is why:



1. They will leave and breathe social media for you.


With new platforms, new features and new updates popping up every day, the social media landscape is changing every day. Remember when Snapchat wasn’t even around? And what’s this about the algorithm? Do we have to care about TikTok now?

To any average person, it can seem like a mindfuck to wrap your head around all the channels we need to be across, let alone creating content that’s not just for your friends and families, but will actually deliver business results as well. 

That’s where a social media pro comes in. We’ll be on top of every industry change, and backroom change of the Facebook Ads Manager. We’ll know your influencers from your ambassadors, your hashtag from your shoppable tags. Social is our life so it shouldn’t need to be yours. Bringing a social media professional onto your team leaves you to focus on what’s important, running a business. We’ll just be there to help your audience recognise all the work you’re doing and eventually jump on board and support your product or service.


Bringing a social media professional onto your team leaves you to focus on what’s important, running a business.


2. They bring professional experience to your work.


Though everyone and their mum claims to be a social media expert, we must not forget that it remains a professional industry. The industry of social media marketing has rapidly grown over the past decade as big brands and old school advertising agencies restructure to make way for social. In-house roles and teams are growing – particularly in huge corporations. Specialist agencies like us at The Social Story or We Are Social – where our founder, Tiff earned many of her stripes in the area – continue to pop up, combining both the legacy of advertising with the new-age social thinking. 

These specialists not only understand social advertising as a whole but each individual part of it as a marketing function. They know that social is not just the add-on at the end of a PR funnel or another platform to post an advert. It’s its own dynamic and multi-faceted ecosystem that must be treated as such. 

And as such, they’ve been well-versed in the whole funnel of social advertising. From awareness tactics, including paid media and influencers, to community management and reporting, social media is not supposed to be as easy as just posting a picture with a few hashtags and a cute pun. And an experienced professional will know how to navigate you expertly through this entire journey.

3. They’ll guide your further.


And with that professional experience, they’ll understand the importance of strategy in underpinning all your activity. They won’t just do as everyone does but be a true expert that can guide you in this crazy world of social. They’ll have a plan and a reason for what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to and why you’re saying it at all. 

It’s like when everyone jumps on a bandwagon for the sake of it – whether it be some Tik Tok trend or topical moment in the news – what is that actually doing for your business? A social media agency will help you define your communications goals for your social media presence and always guide you closer towards them. 

Moreover, as a dedicated specialist serving your social needs, we help ensure that your strategy is consistently adapting and changing to your growing audience and any new trends or changes that may be happening on the platform. 


So you want to have your social media taken to the next level?  Set up a call with us and we can talk through your next steps.